Tackling Crime

Our great city is under siege. Mayor Eric Papenfuse owns this crime wave. He owns the shootings, the robberies, and the ATV harassment that has pushed our city into dysfunction.

One of the key factors to begin a conversation on crime is speaking truth to power. We must have an honest, meaningful and fruitful conversation about what is driving the crime, what is perpetuating the crime, and how to approach it differently than we have over the last decade.

Truth # 1: THE COMMUNITY POLICING concept is a joke. They have no power, no authority and no ideas on how to tackle the issues that the community is crying out for help with. These 9-5 positions have been filled for political paybacks, for the funneling of money into insider pockets, and they are lead by anti-police protestors who are using their time on the city clock to push their own non-profit organizations that they benefit from personally.

We will restructure this department and incorporate it into a larger program where authority is granted, and solutions are on the table.

Truth # 2: As I have been walking these city streets and speaking with hundreds of people, the number one theme they carry is that they desire MORE police, MORE funding for police, MORE patrols, and MORE results.

Truth # 3: Over the last decade, our police have been leaving because they get ZERO respect from leadership. The mayor is more out to get the police than he is in working with the police and the community. And this reputation for first responder disrespect is widely spoken of throughout the region, and that is the reason we can’t attract more police officers into our great city.

Truth #4: I do believe that some police officers should not be police officers. Just like some judges shouldn’t be judges, some teachers shouldn’t be teachers, and so on and so forth. With that being said, some police officers are born for their roles and put their lives on the line for you regardless of race, religion or creed. These are the American heroes that my administration will seek out, and we will hold each other accountable to reclaiming these streets.

SOLUTION # 1: My administration will promote, seek out and work very hard to push for true WARD LEADERSHIP. We The People can take back our streets from these drug dealers, from these shootings, from the illegal working on cars in the streets, from the blight, from the robberies, from the illegal trash dumping and so much more.

Ward Leadership is fundamental to our success. My administration will #empower the people.

SOLUTION # 2: The ATVS/Motorcycle harassment and thefts can and will be stopped. But it won’t be by coddling everybody. What you don’t know, is that the mayor specifically has ordered the police to do less to curb these activities than he’d like you to know. Let’s be CLEAR – they are riding illegally, they are riding unsafely, they are riding disrespectfully… and we are sick of it. We are done with it.

First thing, is that my plan calls for a registry of EVERY stolen ATV/Motorcycle throughout Dauphin and Cumberland to be provided to the Harrisburg police.

Second thing, if you are caught riding illegally, you get an automatic fine of $1,000 and if the ATV/Motorcycle you are driving is stolen it most likely will result in a felony charge. As a mayor, I will be compassionate toward the youth, and in lieu of hefty punishment, those caught will have the option to perform 300 hours of community service in the city, specifically cleaning our sidewalks and/or other items that the community at large demands. Hint, Hint… Ward Leaders – we need your input.

The Third Thing, is that we will incentivize the reporting that leads to the arrest of each individual illegal ATV/Motorcycle rider. Our goal is to provide $500 to each person who provides a tip that leads to the arrest and recovery of stolen ATVs/Motorcycles that are seized in the act of a crime (riding illegally).

The Fourth Thing, is that we will have two more unique, and compassionate yet firm proactive responses that will come out closer to the beginning of my term, but make no mistake… the word will be out… the punishments will be the deterrent.

SOLUTION # 3: In consulting with police, and in listening to the voice of the people it is obvious that the entire structure of how the police, police these streets requires an impactful and fruitful, reordering the guard.

SOLUTION # 4: The Codes Office is lead by an official officer of the law. Many people don’t know that. Some might remember when the codes officer had a Harrisburg Pastor viciously and unjustly arrested for a codes violation.

So when you see the rooming houses, when you are disrespected and singled out by the codes office, when the codes office looks the other way for their friends while others suffer, and while the codes office pawns off complaints to the next person rather than taking responsibility – understand this is a policing issue.

The codes office is partly responsible for our broken blocks, and the crime that comes with them.

Watch how fast the codes office changes under my administration. I am just as sick and frustrated with these administrative officers as you are. My administration is going to produce results that reflect the cries of the community. Ward Leaders… I need you.