Restoring Sidewalks

As I am walking every street in the city, everywhere I turn there is a broken sidewalk.

According to the city codified ordinance, the homeowner is responsible for the sidewalk in front of their home/property. However, the repairing of these sidewalks has become a nearly impossible task, as each sidewalk repair is estimated to be in the $1,000-$5,000… and not everybody has this disposable income. In fact, our residents are struggling to survive in many cases.

HERE IS MY SOLUTION: Instead of funneling money to donors, or manipulating grant money into the pockets of people that politicians typically owe favors to… what I want to do is push for federal infrastructure dollars that would give us a $5,000,000 sidewalk fund.

First thing to do, is hire people to walk every single street and catalog broken sidewalks into a program that allows our engineering department to orchestrate funds into action.

Rather than hire outside consultants to catalogue the areas of need, I want to engage the youth. Again, I need the ward leaders to help coordinate these efforts.

All these leaders talk about a walk-able city, but none of them can do anything except create unused bike lanes.

Second thing, is that I won’t let this city get ripped off by the concrete contractors that do the work. I am a contractor by trade, and I am very familiar with concrete work. I understand the language the contractors use, I understand how they make money, I understand how they operate, and I pledge to the great residents of this city that I will work my heart out to make this happen.

Don’t let anyone tell you this can’t become a reality.