Follow The Money

One of the easiest and fastest ways to save money for the city, is by NOT having to pay back any donors with contracts, manipulated grants, unreasonable consultant fees, and most of all misguided ventures that are more about pandering for votes than actually fixing our broken blocks.

All you have to do is examine the current mayor’s campaign finance reports, and then take a look at who is getting all of these contracts from the city for things such as legal fees, engineering fees, funneled grants, and various other contractor assignments.

This STOPS with me as your mayor, because I have no donors to pay back. I have no special interests that I have allegiance to. My allegiance is to the great people of Harrisburg City.

We will hire the best and brightest entrepreneurial minds this city has seen in decades, who will strategize with us early in the morning and late at night.

• With my experience as a lead contractor who has worked all over the country, we will police every contractor and get the best deals. No longer will Harrisburg residents get ripped off.

• We will work with the School District to empower parents, teachers and students in order to help turn our great schools back around, which in turn will attract more homeowners. Home ownership is key to our financial vitality.

• We will present solid, actionable and beneficial opportunities to City Council through our budget proposals which will be designed to lift every ward, not just the pet projects on a singled out area within the city.

• We believe Allison Hill is the key to revival of our city, and together with the areas of Uptown that the people are crying out for help with, WE WILL turn this city around.

• We will work with the state oversight committee to ensure we are on the righteous, and we will root out any appointed individuals who have motives to use the city to maneuver funds into their pockets through targeted development, etc.

Vote Tim Rowbottom!