About Tim Rowbottom

Tim Rowbottom is a professional contractor by trade having worked all over the country and throughout Harrisburg City, including the impressive renovation of his own building at 333 S. 18th Street where he took a 36,000 square foot vacant & condemned building and sunk his heart into it.

An example of his quality and attention to detail included crafting of this mosaic facade which is exclusively made by repurposed tile that was headed for the landfill.

The way Tim sees turning the city around, is the same way he envisioned turning this building around. Piece by piece, and without waste.

In 2009 Tim was drawn to Harrisburg with a dream, where he relocated his automotive recycling and repair shop that he grew to one of the biggest core recyclers in Central Pa.

A successful re-entrant, Tim understands the streets of Harrisburg in a way that no other candidate does, and the Christ driven passion he brings to the table is what he believes it will take to inspire and empower people who feel hopeless, as he represents them in the war for justice, recovery and revitalization.

Tim is running for mayor because he is sick and tired of being sick and tired, and after exposing an alleged real estate scheme perpetrated by Mayor Papenfuse and the Redevelopment Authority in Allison Hill where they sought to drive him out and take possession of his property rights, Tim filed a federal lawsuit against these corrupt actors and is taking them to task.

He will fight for what is right and what is just.