Right Man-Right Time

WARD Leaders are the KEY to Restoring our Broken Blocks.

As mayor, I pledge to inspire, empower and promote the need for ward leaders regardless of party and regardless of policy views. We The People is the foundational phrase to our nation, and that experimental phrase is powerful when implemented in Wards.

Residential, Commercial & Industrial Professional Contractor, turned Concerned Citizen serving Harrisburg and surrounding areas.

A New Deal

Let’s talk crime, police restructuring, codes, and taking back our streets.

We NEED Ward Leaders!

I am not owned by PACs or Donors

The team I will put together to keep the budget in check will be incredible. What a lot of people may not know, but can easily identify is that we can save this city money upfront by not having to pay back donors via contracts, and by not having to manipulate grants into the pockets of friends while others suffer.

Let’s talk success.

Some of the BEST ideas for elevating our great city have been tabled because the voices were not donors or supporters of the corrupt politicians that have been plagued this town for decades.

I want to hear from the Ward Leaders.